Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dancing in the Dark.

Ok. I'm actually typing in the dark. The power's out. So odd for our house. Our house never loses power. But it appears the entire street is without lights, though I can see street lights shining in the neighborhood behind us. I've reported the outage though they did seem to be aware. Now we wait and post from our phone.

I joined Holidailes this morning which I can't link to because I don't know how to do so on my phone. But that's the reason I am posting from my phone, in the dark, before 7am this morning.

I need to get a handle on the coffee/red bull situation. But my car is in the garage. So that may have to wait. Maddie had her first basketball game this morning. I hope things perk up around here before it's time to get ready for that.

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