Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Bullets

(Madeline's first basketball game. Excuse the blurriness.)

  • We are a basketball playing house now.  Something that has been more of a time commitment than I thought.  But something we've also really enjoyed more than I thought.  I'm happy Madeline decided to step out of her comfort zone a bit and try this.  It was her idea.  I wouldn't have ever even suggested it.
  • We are in charge of snack for the first game back in the new year.  Seems a little more pressure with this crowd to perform above the typical bag of chips and pretzels.  Madeline wants to do something fun.  I believe we're dealing with at least one nut allergy on the team so I don't want to chance anything.  Any suggestions for fun nut-free sports snacks?
  • I need to bake a small batch of something for a work thing next week.  Holiday themed and sweet would be best.  I have a few extra cans of pumpkin pie filling.  Is there anything that can be done with those? And something that can be created and baked in a small amount of time late on a Tuesday night.  Not too many criteria, right? 
  • Still now snow here.  Yesterday it was sixty degrees.  Yes.  While I love the warmer weather. and I'm thankful every day I don't have to drive in bad weather - I miss Christmas snow.  This is the second or third year, we haven't had snow leading up to Christmas.  In my book, snow has its place for 25 days a year.  After that I've no use for it.  Mother Nature, you've already wasted four of those days. 
  • I'm thankful for the commitment to write more often and I hope writing through one of the busiest times of the year sets a trend for me to write more often in the new year.  Ultimately this blog is for me, my thoughts, and the history I want to document here.  Some day maybe it will be a bit more.  But while I'm pressing through  for the habit of writing, please know the bar for quality content might not be set all that high. 

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