Monday, December 3, 2012

Actually Checking Things Off My List.

I'm feeling oddly on top of things as far as Christmas goes this year.  It's December 3rd and I have gifts bought! Good gifts, too.  Hell, I even have one wrapped.  This is not me.  We've got the lights up outside - they've been there for a while as we took advantage of a warmer weekend in November. The tree is up and should be decorated by week's end.  I'm feeling pretty good about the season this year. 

So far I haven't stuck to any sort of budget which is probably going to bite me in the ass later, but I have good ideas this year people, don't judge. 

I figure if I can stay on top of the game this early in the month, I will be less stressed and resentful when far flung family decides to throw a wrench in things later in the month.  Which they will.  They always do.  "Oh, you simply must come over for crappy dinner and forced conversation.  we do it every year.  We pretend to enjoy it, so you should too."  Ugh.  I'd rather eat un-iced Christmas cookies. 

But the main reward for which I'm fueling myself forward is my time off at the end of this month.  Josh and I will both have off from the day after Christmas to the first of the year.  I have been looking forward to this time since I think April when we first talked about it.  I don't know that future years are going to lend themselves so well to such a large chunk of time off, so enjoy this one I shall.  

If I wanted to keep my ahead of the game organizational streak moving forward, I'd pick up the phone tomorrow and schedule some appointments for the kids during that time off, but let's not get crazy.  We'll see where the cards fall on that one. 

For now - let's just bask in the fact that I even have gifts bought that need to be shipped to family overseas.  What? Yes, really. 

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