Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sandy Halloween.

Hurricane Sandy for our family in particular did not do any damage.  We were very lucky that the storm just found us overly prepared. The biggest blow for our house is that Halloween has been postponed until  Sunday.  But with the leaves, limbs, power lines and some neighborhoods without power still, I think that is just fine.  And I haven't heard one kid in our house complain. 

What a tragedy for all that felt the worst of Sandy's wrath.  Josh and I were glued from Sunday on to The Weather channel, Twitter, phones, iPads,  We couldn't get enough information.  Partially to prepare ourselves and partially just to be aware what was happening to our country. So sad.  How much more can New York take?  That's the thought that's been racing through my head these past few days.  

We did have school closed on Tuesday as five of the schools in our district did not have power.  There is one school remaining closed today but the rest are back in session.  Work wasn't effected for anyone I know.  And and streets that I have traveled have remained passable though I know there were many, many that were closed due to trees and live wires and some that still remain closed.  

Sandy really wholloped NEO harder than anyone suspected. 

On to the last two days of the week.  Hug your loved ones.  Be thankful for what you do have even if a few days ago you were sure it wasn't enough.  Because now there are millions who can't even have what we were complaining about just a week ago.  Be safe.  Be grateful. 

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