Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Don't be Scared of Your Grandchildren.

This morning I'm off again.  Off to work and straight from the office sometime this afternoon to the airport.  Another work trip.  This time to Philadelphia.  This should be it until next June when it's Chicago for a few days. 

Kids are packed - I took their things over to my mother's last night.  I'm packed save for a few things I"ll be using shortly.  

I think we're ready. 

I know that I've talked before about my trips and how much I depend on other people to help make this work for me.  How much organization and planning goes into a trip and how lucky I am to have family members that wish to and are able to help me.  

All of that is still true but I just have to say one thing - Damn people - lighten up a little bit! Use your head a little bit!  Calm the freak down for a minute!  I don't understand.  When I ask for my mother's help with the kids which is about three times a year tops, it's as if she forgets she ever had, raised, and reared two children of her own.  So frustrating!!

"No, I can't take him to ice skating that will put us home too late."
 "What do you mean there has to be a note? If there has to be a note  you'll need to write and it mark on the outside when I'm supposed to send it."
"She doesn't have basketball practice does she? We can't do basketball practice."

And on and on an on the list goes, until I don't even want to go on my trip at all.  Until I seriously consider saying no to the next one.  

My grandparents helped us, raised us, did everything with us.  So I guess I don't understand the complete opposite mentality  that she has with my children.  (Holy crap! She just sent me a text asking if the kids have lunch money in their account so she won't have to pack lunches.)

I can't - and I feel like I should mention that this is for three days, people.  Not three weeks like she is having everyone believe.  And when I get home, she will be exhausted and she will ask how I do it all and she will go on and on for weeks. All the while never remembering that I DO do basketball and ice skating. Oh, and I DO pack lunches when the kids want them.  And I have a little thing called THREE OTHER KIDS at home too!  

I love my mother I do.  And I know that I am so very fortunate to even have a mother that I can complain about, let alone one that I can complain about the way that she helps me.  I do know that.  

I guess the bottom line is my slight frustration with the way she "helps me", but really my underlying sadness that my kids won't be treated the way we were treated by my grandparents.  We were treated like a prince and a princess.  We still are!  We were so very, very lucky.  

Maybe one day it will change and my mother will come around to being more of the grandparent I imagined. Until then, I do know that I'm lucky and I do know that I couldn't do what I do without her.  But currently I'm hoping she can find it in her to muster up the sentence, "Go take a shower." over the next three days.  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sandy Halloween.

Hurricane Sandy for our family in particular did not do any damage.  We were very lucky that the storm just found us overly prepared. The biggest blow for our house is that Halloween has been postponed until  Sunday.  But with the leaves, limbs, power lines and some neighborhoods without power still, I think that is just fine.  And I haven't heard one kid in our house complain. 

What a tragedy for all that felt the worst of Sandy's wrath.  Josh and I were glued from Sunday on to The Weather channel, Twitter, phones, iPads,  We couldn't get enough information.  Partially to prepare ourselves and partially just to be aware what was happening to our country. So sad.  How much more can New York take?  That's the thought that's been racing through my head these past few days.  

We did have school closed on Tuesday as five of the schools in our district did not have power.  There is one school remaining closed today but the rest are back in session.  Work wasn't effected for anyone I know.  And and streets that I have traveled have remained passable though I know there were many, many that were closed due to trees and live wires and some that still remain closed.  

Sandy really wholloped NEO harder than anyone suspected. 

On to the last two days of the week.  Hug your loved ones.  Be thankful for what you do have even if a few days ago you were sure it wasn't enough.  Because now there are millions who can't even have what we were complaining about just a week ago.  Be safe.  Be grateful.