Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fruity Halloween.

Four days of work this week.  Friday will be spent finishing up for the party and having our new washer and dryer delivered. It's funny how very adult and responsible I feel lately. 

This year's party is shaping up nicely.  I just need to finish buying up some food, soda, and some things for goody bags for the kids.  I feel slightly less panicked than I typically do at this stage of the game each year.  It's nice.  

I had made this for Julie's baby shower in July.  (Thanks Pinterest)  But inspiration struck while looking at other versions of this as well.  Many, many people did this wrong.  Way wrong.  See, if you lop off the back "carriage" part, it immediately becomes rather coffin like, in my opinion.  Many people seemed to have corpse babies poised to welcome the new arrival in their families.  To each their own I suppose. 

What I want to do do is take that theme and run with that for the party.  Either a baby pumpkin head with a silly face.  Or maybe a skeleton laid out in the fruit   We shall see. And I'm excited to post how it turns out.    But that's an undertaking I need to get started on purchasing my supplies for.  Watermelons aren't actually in season around these parts.  I'll have to move to more seasonal fruits for the fillers as well.  But I think it will make the impression I want.  And anything that can serve as both food and decoration is okay in my book. 

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