Friday, October 5, 2012

Another Grab Bag of Items.

Things are jumbled in my head so that's how my speech, and apparently, blog posts are coming out these days. 


~ I am in love with very single coat at Target right now.  I didn't know that was possible.  I didn't know that I was going to be come a coat type of girl. But there are some really nice ones on those racks that were really speaking to me the other evening.  

~ Hockey starts this weekend.  From here til March.  So, Josh and Max will be away for a long part of the day on Saturday. My dream is that the crappy weather they're calling for will actually come to fruition this time and the little kids and I can have a movie marathon afternoon.  But, if not, I'll kick them outside under threat of "might be the last nice day for a while!", and go about my cleaning and organizing for our upcoming party. 

~ I need to spend more time on Pinterest. I was in such a good schedule of pinning, and organizing, and trying and researching.  And now it's been weeks since I've even logged on to the site. 

~ Wednesday was nice.  Josh and I had a school night out.  He took me to Great Lakes Brewing Company where we had fantastic food and got two growlers filled of a very tasty beer.  After that we headed a bit more downtown and turned in our tickets to see Louis CK at Severance Hall. Such a  great night! A late nigh! But I didn't mind, my cheeks hurt from laughing so very hard.  Both at the paid entertainment and at Josh and the fun we were having.

On to the weekend I say.  Cook some stew, wear some comfy socks, crunch some early leaves. 

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