Wednesday, October 24, 2012

There is a Three in Team.

Last night was Madeline's first basketball practice.  I won't say that she's a natural  but man she had fun.  Noah and I had fun watching too.  I t wasn't my pl;an to stay for the whole practice, but that's how it worked out.  We were pretty highly entertained.  Within the first ten minutes after some name learning games, the coach said "Alright, we're a team now."  They threw in right then and there and did their first 1-2-3 TEAM. 

Yes, I got misty eyed. 

I'm happy for her to be part of something like this.  I'm happy that I'm able to allow her to be part of this.  Believe me, no one is more thankful for me to see how our lives have turned out.  If you had been around in the beginning all of this would have been questionable. You would have thought perhaps not possible. 

I loved my children desperately   And I was a damn good mother.  But here were many weeks and months where I didn't know if my love for them was going to go beyond the basics.  

Then we left.  Suddenly and by cover of night.  Me, my two year old, my six month old, rescued by my brother who had just completed his very first plane ride an hour before hand.  I always say it was all very Lifetime movie. 

On Halloween, I will have been back in Ohio for 7 years.  I've now been home longer than I was gone.  When I first came back, even after I was back up on my own two feet, I often worried about what kind of life I was going to be able to give my kids.  But seven years later and we're doing more than okay. I am very, very grateful for all that I have, all that I can give them, and the love that I can show them that is not over shadowed by so many other things as it would have been if we stayed in Nevada. 

While Noah played math games on my phone, and Madeline dribbled  and giggled  and ran her little heart out, I sat on that cold, hard middle school gym floor and reflected on how awesomely far the three of us have come.  We make a freaking sweet team, my kids and I!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Picture Perfect Party.

This picture pretty much sums up our Halloween party this year.  This is Josh and Seth.  Moments before, Seth had been the cutest triceratops anyone has ever seen.  What a great fun night. 

We had the perfect amount of food.  The only left overs we had were the homemade Chex Mix and the Home Made Halloween Chex Mix.  Lots left of those - but that was by design. 

I thought this year's bash was going to be smaller, but turns out we had the same amount of guest of not more.  For sure we had more kids! That made me very happy. 

I live for my parties each year.  I get a little panicked and stressed right before.  But everyone seems to enjoy themselves and people keep coming back, so I guess I'm doing something right. 

Next year will be year five - something big has to happen for that one, I think. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fruity Halloween.

Four days of work this week.  Friday will be spent finishing up for the party and having our new washer and dryer delivered. It's funny how very adult and responsible I feel lately. 

This year's party is shaping up nicely.  I just need to finish buying up some food, soda, and some things for goody bags for the kids.  I feel slightly less panicked than I typically do at this stage of the game each year.  It's nice.  

I had made this for Julie's baby shower in July.  (Thanks Pinterest)  But inspiration struck while looking at other versions of this as well.  Many, many people did this wrong.  Way wrong.  See, if you lop off the back "carriage" part, it immediately becomes rather coffin like, in my opinion.  Many people seemed to have corpse babies poised to welcome the new arrival in their families.  To each their own I suppose. 

What I want to do do is take that theme and run with that for the party.  Either a baby pumpkin head with a silly face.  Or maybe a skeleton laid out in the fruit   We shall see. And I'm excited to post how it turns out.    But that's an undertaking I need to get started on purchasing my supplies for.  Watermelons aren't actually in season around these parts.  I'll have to move to more seasonal fruits for the fillers as well.  But I think it will make the impression I want.  And anything that can serve as both food and decoration is okay in my book. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Another Grab Bag of Items.

Things are jumbled in my head so that's how my speech, and apparently, blog posts are coming out these days. 


~ I am in love with very single coat at Target right now.  I didn't know that was possible.  I didn't know that I was going to be come a coat type of girl. But there are some really nice ones on those racks that were really speaking to me the other evening.  

~ Hockey starts this weekend.  From here til March.  So, Josh and Max will be away for a long part of the day on Saturday. My dream is that the crappy weather they're calling for will actually come to fruition this time and the little kids and I can have a movie marathon afternoon.  But, if not, I'll kick them outside under threat of "might be the last nice day for a while!", and go about my cleaning and organizing for our upcoming party. 

~ I need to spend more time on Pinterest. I was in such a good schedule of pinning, and organizing, and trying and researching.  And now it's been weeks since I've even logged on to the site. 

~ Wednesday was nice.  Josh and I had a school night out.  He took me to Great Lakes Brewing Company where we had fantastic food and got two growlers filled of a very tasty beer.  After that we headed a bit more downtown and turned in our tickets to see Louis CK at Severance Hall. Such a  great night! A late nigh! But I didn't mind, my cheeks hurt from laughing so very hard.  Both at the paid entertainment and at Josh and the fun we were having.

On to the weekend I say.  Cook some stew, wear some comfy socks, crunch some early leaves. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Reasons Things Are Good Right Now.

~ School is underway and going very well, so far, for everyone.  Madeline's grades rock, Noah's behavior rocks.  Homework is somewhat seemingly less of a nightmare than in years past.  I think we've found our groove.  Things are good in this area. 

~ The kids' activities are bringing me more joy than you would think.  I like that we're busy.  I like that we have to plan things and think about logistics.  Hockey will be starting soon for Max, basketball for Maddie, and ice skating for Noah.  Add this to the dancing and other activities already in place, and our winter is pretty packed.  But we're all looking forward to it.  I didn't have very many activities when I was growing up, so I'm happy we get to do this for our kids. 

~ I got a new (to me) car! I love it.  It is amazing what a nice looking , reliable car can do for your self esteem or your outlook on the daily grind.  It's cute, young, fun, and clean!  I am so very fortunate.  I could not have done it without the help of Josh   We actually got two cars.  He got another car for to and from work which has been a dream on gas and wear and tear on the nice manly fancy care he has.  We are very fortunate.  I, most of all. 

~ Fall is here.  As much as I miss the fantastic summers we have, I do love Halloween, leaf turning, and the anticipation of Winter.  In a few weeks we'll be having our Fourth Annual Halloween Party.  Really looking forward to that once more as well.  

~ Wednesday  I'm cashing on a birthday gift Josh got me.  He is taking me to see Louis CK play Severance Hall.  I'm so looking forward to the laughs, the venue, the night out with Joshua.  Just time.  I'm just looking forward to time. 

~ Unscheduled massages for which you have a gift certificate.  Need I say more? 

~ I am a lucky girl in a lucky family.  I have fantastic kids and a partner who is my best friend whom I love with all my heart.  I know the day to day can get us down, and make us tired and question it all.  But if you can step back and pick out the things that are present for which we can be thankful, it lifts you up and gives you the positive outlook that can propel you for a few more days. And that's all we all really need, isn't it?  Just a few more days.