Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wine and Laughter.

What starts in wine ends in laughter.  Isn't that what they say?  Isn't that a thing?


Well, for me it was so this weekend.  What a great summer weekend.  Friday night, I was able to get away for a few hours by myself and meet some lovely friends at Vintage Ohio Which takes place at the Metro parks Farm Park.  Such a great fun way to spend an evening.  We're already planning our return outing next year.

Saturday the real crazy began.  Up very early to make a fruit salad and head to my mother's by 10.  We were celebrating, poolside, my birthday, Madeline's birthday, Ernie's birthday, ad well as Sarah & Ernie's anniversary.  It was a great time.  Great weather allowed us to swim and listen to music.  The kids and I had to pack it up early afternoon though because we had round one heading to our house.

When I arrived home, Josh was cleaning the pool and I got to work on the inside.  Everything was spic and span and ready for party central that our house became over the next two days by 4:00.  We had in our home the seven of us, plus Baby Seth and Baby Seth's father.  We had Josh's aunt and uncle and two kids.  His grand parents. His other aunt and uncle their two kids and their two grand kids.  Josh's brother also.  It was a full, loud, fun, crazy house. Swimming, eating, laughing, running, eating, so, so, so much eating.

Sunday was a replay of the whole things.  This time with more food! Sunday's party went on well into the evening.  I think my favorite part of the weekend may gave been Sunday night when I was standing in front of the house and I could hear hooting and screaming and whopping and laughter from the back of the house with kids and adults still in the pool. I looked at my phone.  The time was 9:23.  That made me smile.  That's what summer's about. 

To be standing in front of a house that has family inside.. To be standing in front of a house with a spacious backyard with a pool in the middle.  To be standing in front of a house with a pool behind it that has kids inside.  These are things that I will never get used to.  Things that will always make me smile.  I am a very fortunate girl.  

Josh's aunt commented yesterday that she thinks our house is the headquarters.  It is.  And as much as we may grumble or complain about that it's so nice to be the headquarters.  As much recovery time we need or quick cleaning we may need to do, we're happy to have a home where everyone feels welcome and comfortable.  I'm saying we, even though sometimes dear Joshua isn't as warm and fuzzy about our home being family central as I.  But I know he's proud.  I know he's happy that we can do this. 

I'm most happy to be involved in a family that wants to spend so much time with one another and has fun while we do.

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