Friday, August 10, 2012

Taking Care.

Yesterday was a bit scary.  I found out early in the morning that Gram had had a bad night with severe scary head pains, and what she thought was the a weakness in her left side.  Stroke, of course, is what we all thought. (Well, I also thought aneurysm, but I'm a crazy person).  My mother was unable to leave work, but I did not have any trouble leaving.  So I went to her house by 10 in the morning, I think. 

Her doctor's office had  told her to go in for an emergency CAT scan right away.  So we did.  Yes, that Northeastern Ohio construction tried to foil us, and almost did, but we made it!  And if anyone ever needed a test of Gram's lucidity, that car ride was it!  She took me through back road after back road, avoided detours, knew where bridges were out.  It was a fun trip.  By the time the next barrier showed up we were already laughing our heads off and anticipating a new route anyway. That part was fun. 

Luckily the whole ordeal wasn't awful and wasn't too prolonged.  We were out of there with multiple tests run after three hours.  All tests were inconclusive and they're not sure about much.  But she's agreed to see her doctor today at 3:30 and do some tests as an outpatient so that's good. 

One highlight of the afternoon was as we were leaving, the ER doctor was talking to her about the importance of her keeping her appointment today with the regular doctor and Gram said, "I will doctor.  I promise.  Cross my heart and hope to die." Gram = all smiles as she's saying this.  ER Doc = eyes bulging out of his head and can't believe she uttered the word die in his ER.  It was pretty comical!

I was happy that I could be there.  I was glad to be the one there to help her.  And dare I say, I was a tiny bit glad that my mother was unable to come.  We did just fine - more than fine - Gram and I.  I was calm, helpful, repeated things that the doctor or nurses said to her when she couldn't hear. I helped with little things, like finding her med list in her purse, and I helped with big things like helping her make the decision to stay overnight when they though she was going to be admitted.  

I was proud of myself for holding it together and doing the right thing.  As hard as it was to see my beloved grandmother small and weak in a hospital bed, I was able to be there for her.  I was able to be there with calmness and love. 

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