Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moving Along.

The summer is moving quickly, briskly. and fantastically.
I have no complaints.  None that are actually valid anyway.

The time in Atlanta that I last wrote about was fantastic and successful.  It made me feel very good about myself and very happy with the work that I do.  We've already been asked to return next year.  I'm happy to know that the convention does not fall on the same crazy weekend next year.  We should be okay.

I'd like to say that everything went off without a hitch here while I was gone.  But that's not the truth.  Some people like to make slightly mounded piles of sand into humongous impassable permanent structures and talk and talk and talk about these great obstacles.  Complain to anyone who will listen?  Don't mind if I do.  Qualities I can't stand in my day to day life anyway.  Qualities that never make a person look admirable.  But, what's done is done as they say.  And I don't think anyone else even knew what was going on behind the scenes like I did.

Noah has completed softball for the season.  So much improvement from him and his team, but most of all just happiness from him.  He felt really happy to be a part of something.  I was so proud of him in so many ways.  We already cannot wait until next year!!

All the things I've enjoyed about summers past have been things that have made appearances this summer.  The swimming, the grilling, the late night TV time, the kids being relaxed and getting to be kids. This past month or so has been more busy than I can ever remember being, and I have had more things on my plate than even I am used too.  But I think I've suffered pretty much in silence and I think I've made it through. 

The baby is here and wonderful, so we've gotten through the planning phases of that.  We have one last round of company coming this weekend for a week, and at this point what's a few more bodies around? We're getting our mental ducks in a row for the upcoming school year, it's just a few weeks away.

And with those few weeks, I feel like right this second, we're in a good place.  I feel like this summer has counted and for all of the right reasons.  It had the potential to be hectic and over scheduled, and pretty lame. But we made it work.  I worked hard behind the scenes to make sure there was a summer.  I don't need a pat on the back - tired, tan, sticky kids, and falling into bed adults are exactly what tells me I've succeeded.

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