Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Losing It.

I've been losing jewelry at an oddly fast rate lately.  It's rather alarming.

I have one particular ring which was a Christmas gift that I wear every day.  I have lost it twice now for extended periods of time.  Once it was found days later behind the couch.  And this most recent time, I find it in the dining room under the bistro table.  What?  Why? It's not an expensive ring, but it's one I like and wear almost daily. 

Last Tuesday I went on a bike ride and mowed the lawn.  During the lawn mowing I realized I was missing one earring.  I don't know which oh so strenuous activity caused the earring to jump to its death from my nice cushy ear lobe.  But it did.  And now it's gone.  Those earring were cute, simple, and classic. A gift from my mother for Gram sitting one year.  

Friday night we were watching the Olympics and I realized the back off one of my go to earrings was missing.  What is going on around these parts?? These earrings were a gift from Ernie and Sarah when I moved back to Ohio.  I've had them now almost seven years.  And since I had to start my jewelry collection over upon coming back they meant a lot.  I know, I know, just get another back. It's easy enough to do.  I just wanted to add it to my list because it's odd for this kind of thing to be happening to me so frequently. 

I guess it is a very good thing that I'm not the type of girl to beg for or to demand jewelry from Josh.  At this rate, if he delivered, I'd probably just lose it anyway.  

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