Tuesday, April 17, 2012


There are currently more than a few things I'm planning for.  I was going to say that some of them were awesome and some of them were not so awesome.  I think though that they've all pretty much got their own degree of awesomeness so I'm going to keep it positive. 

~ I'm planning for two days off near the beginning of May.  Two days when the kids are still in school so I'll get to use my time during the day as I see fit.  I haven't had any time off since February and I'm very much looking forward to it. 

~ I'm planning for our annual trip to West Virginia over Memorial Day weekend.  At first Gram vetoed the trip.  She didn't want to go this year.  And though I was going to miss the trip, the idea of staying at home with my family to kick off the summer really began to appeal to me. Then, my brother called.  He spoke of wanting to take his son, my nephew, to the places we grew up.  To take Noah fishing on the same lake that he fished upon.  So many memories.  So few years left to take Gram there.  We knew we had to go.  I had him do the talking an convince Gram we needed to go.  I'm really looking forward to it.  And the kids will be too - - once I tell them. 

~ I'm planning for some time in June when I have to go to Atlanta for work. 

~ I'm planning for that same time in June which will be recital weekend around these parts.  And since I won't be here, I'll need to have as much planning as possible completed to make things run smoothly for those left behind to pick up the slack. 

~ I'm planning for Madeline's birthday.  Which is, kill me, the same time in June as recital and the same time that I'll be gone.  But, I don't feel particularly guilty about this because we never celebrate our birthdays on recital weekend.  There is just way too much going on to properly celebrate. 

~ I'm planning for the week after all of that which is Fourth of July.  For the first time ever, Josh and I have taken a good chunk of that week off.  we'll be able to hang with the kids, and hang with each other.  I'm really looking forward to that for sure. 

~I'm planning, we are ALL planning, for the end of July when Julie's baby is due.  I know that' s not something I've spoken about here yet.  But Julie has a baby boy due at the end of July.  And the planning that's taking place for that knows no bounds, emotionally, logistically, financially, etc.  But, a baby's a blessing and we'll make it work. 

What are you planning for?

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