Friday, January 13, 2012

Steps and Plans.

I've lost two pounds this week.  This is not monumental, this is not a big deal.  But I wanted to post about it because the plan I had in mind for this weekend has worked! I ate healthy, I made good decisions, and I watched my portions.  Fantastic! It is a plan that I will follow next week as well. 

Plans are being made that I'm looking forward to and am happy about.  I'm going to take a long, hard look at Couch25K this weekend and see what is doable for me.  I want health back in my life.  I was looking at a goal of the Johnnycake Jog for over the summer, but I got some conflicting information on that when I asked about it on FB last night.  

Also for the month of January, I am dry.  I had one shindig last weekend during which I imbibed in some spirits, but no more for the rest of January.  We are weekend drinkers, Josh and I.  And we are becoming beer snobs.  It's great fun for us to try new beers and pick up different growlers for the weekend.  But, when your middle is as squishy as mine has become, you can put that hobby on pause a bit. 

Am I on the New Year healthy bandwagon?  It's possible.  Do I care whatever might make me do this this time?  No.  I'm feeling happy and good and strong about my choices. 

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