Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day Three

I was out again today.  For the third day in a row.  Today is significantly cooler than Monday.  But I did it anyway. 

Depending on how you read and interpret C25K, today should have been a rest day and man was I looking forward to that.  Just the extra 45 minutes of sleep alone.  But the I had a realization yesterday afternoon.  A day of rest wasn't going to serve me right.  A day of rest leads to the door open for another day, and another, and one more, and then I'll just start back up next week.  And we all know where that will lead me.  

So, I decided not to necessarily do W1D3, but to still get up.  Still put on my clothes. Still get outside.  Keep the momentum moving of me getting up in the morning and doing this.  So, I did.  I didn't have a goal or duration of time in mind.  I just plugged in the tunes and away I went.  1.5 miles of walking.  And enjoying.  And then coming back into the house and feeling great. I'm very proud of myself for making the decision not to stay in bed today. 

So far so good.  I'm really, really enjoying everything about this.  The head space I am in this time around is completely different.  I wonder if this is how an alcoholic feels when he knows detox is really going to work this time.  I can't stop thinking about running.  I can't stop planning the next day's work out.  All of my free time on the Internet is spent reading about running, researching this program, finding success stories.  That says a lot right there. 

Simultaneously, I am working on my eating habits as well.  I've done very well this week.  The eating thing is so easy this time.  I'm armed with a bit more knowledge and a lot more determination than times before. 

Here's to a successful wrap up of the remaining days left in the week! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Running Down a Dream.

I ran 2.09 miles this morning.  In the dark.  In the rain. In the wind.  Considering it's the middle of January in NE OH, that weather is positively dreamy.  I'm really proud of myself.  I'm really happy with how I feel right now.  And though it's only an hour later, I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's run.  And there will be a run tomorrow!

I suppose this could be just like any other time and in a few months I'll look back on this post and be embarrassed or mad or depressed.  That's a risk I'm taking right now though because I actually  want to shout from the rooftops how well I want to do with this.  Because this time feels different.  This time I feel more committed, more excited, more ready. 

I read last week that being publicly accountable will help you stay on track and be successful with a healthy lifestyle change.  So here we are, my blog and I've made a few mentions on FB about what I'm trying to do.  Also I've told family and extended family as well.  We'll see how this approach works.  I haven't tried being so vocal about what I was doing before, so maybe it could work. 

I'm doing this for me. My confidence, my health, myself. 
I'm doing this for my kids.  I want to be around to aggravate them for a long, long time. I want to be a good example  to them. 
I'm doing this for Joshua. I want him to think his lady is hot. 
I'm doing this for our home.  I want to have the energy to keep it clean and kept with projects completed. 
I'm doing this because I am in a wedding in a year and a half.  I don't want to be the fat bridesmaid. 
I'm doing this for Gram.  She will be proud.  She is encouraging when I try to do well. 
I'm doing this because we have a pool.  I want to utilize my own back yard. 

No one ever said our goals had to be reasonable or sane.  If fun goals get me through, then maybe I'll have fun with the work. 

I know I am nowhere near the experience level of a runner to experience what they call runner's high.  But I am experiencing something positive right now after getting out there.  Something I'm pretty damn proud of and something that I'm already craving more of.  I think that is a jog in the right direction. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Steps and Plans.

I've lost two pounds this week.  This is not monumental, this is not a big deal.  But I wanted to post about it because the plan I had in mind for this weekend has worked! I ate healthy, I made good decisions, and I watched my portions.  Fantastic! It is a plan that I will follow next week as well. 

Plans are being made that I'm looking forward to and am happy about.  I'm going to take a long, hard look at Couch25K this weekend and see what is doable for me.  I want health back in my life.  I was looking at a goal of the Johnnycake Jog for over the summer, but I got some conflicting information on that when I asked about it on FB last night.  

Also for the month of January, I am dry.  I had one shindig last weekend during which I imbibed in some spirits, but no more for the rest of January.  We are weekend drinkers, Josh and I.  And we are becoming beer snobs.  It's great fun for us to try new beers and pick up different growlers for the weekend.  But, when your middle is as squishy as mine has become, you can put that hobby on pause a bit. 

Am I on the New Year healthy bandwagon?  It's possible.  Do I care whatever might make me do this this time?  No.  I'm feeling happy and good and strong about my choices.