Saturday, December 10, 2011

Santa's list ain't got nothing on mine.

A list.  If only to make me seem a little more coherent than I feel.

 - Last night I made peanut butter cookies.  Nothing fancy, but homemade just the same.  The littler kids were sitting at the kitchen table enjoying one warm from the oven, when Austin said to the other two "Do you guys remember the other Christmases when we made cookies in holiday shapes with Christmas decorations?  I hope we do that this year."  Oh my goodness.  I almost swooned on the other side of the kitchen.  My hard work at establishing traditions is working!

- I miss my camera.  It was nothing fancy at all. Simple point and shoot.  But it was mine and I knew how to work it and everyone counted on me to have a camera at the ready and I was fast becoming that lady with the camera.  I loved that.  But then, this summer, it was lost. Not by me and not in my home.  By someone else in yet a third person's home. (maybe, we don't know.  Could actually be anywhere.) But the point is, I miss it.  Taking pictures with your phone is fine for sending the pictures via text to someone.  And i do love my iPhone.  But I feel a little less mom prepared just whipping out my phone instead of a camera.  I guess the missing the camera thing could be a post of it's own.  I miss it.  Santa?  Do you read blogs?

- Wednesday my mom and I took our annual Christmas shipping trip around the county.  Just her and I.  No kids, no schedule, just list and money in hand with the goal to fill up a trunk or two.  We were successful and I had a nice time.  I'm happy we love each other enough to tolerate one another long enough for a shopping trip and lunch out a few times a year.  I'm fortunate to have my mom as my mom.  Though she drives my batty and some days I want to shake her.  I do love her and I know I'm very, very lucky.

- Busy weekend ahead.  Celebrating Josh's brother's birthday tonight at our house.  At least he's requested a specific birthday dinner that can be ordered in.  I'm throwing together some queso, throwing that in the crock pot to keep warm and calling it a day.  That's tonight.  Before that we have group, hockey, dance, and grocery shopping. Tomorrow is a Christmas party that no one really wants to attend save for the kids and Josh's father.  But attend we must.  That's what the holidays are about.  Visiting and re-connecting and maybe one year keeping that promise that we need to see each other more often.

-Time to close this list to go make a list of what needs to me done today.  Oh! And it's snowing outside.  This makes me happier than I'm used to snow making me.

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