Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I fall.  A lot. All the time.  Sober, during the day, going about my business, and splat, I've fallen.

I've literally fallen (slipped?) on a banana peel in a grocery store while walking with my mother.  One moment, upright talking, moving forward.  The next? On my by behind with my legs in front of me.

I've fallen at the gas station, walking from the store to the pumps.  I've fallen in the gas station walking from the coolers to the cash register.

I've fallen at work. Straight out of my chair at my desk.  I've fallen on all fours in a new department soon after I had taken a new position. I've fallen in the kitchen while walking to the coffee pot.

I fell on Monday evening while picking up the kids from day care.  Twice. In the span of about seven minutes.  This caused one of the teachers to ask, "Um, is there something on the floor over there?"  No. Just me and my feet.

I've fallen down ten of our twelve stairs. That left a bruise I can't even describe in a color I'd never seen before.
I've fallen up three or four of our stairs stoving my middle and index fingers in the process.  I've fallen down our basement stairs causing laundry to fly everywhere.

At a recent family gathering I fell while walking in from the garage carrying a twenty-four pack of water.

Once, when Josh and I first began dating, we had all of the kids at a small park in his neighborhood.  I though I would show him how young, carefree, and fun I was.  I began running.... and immediately tripped face first into the protective mulch beneath the play ground equipment. Arms, legs, hair and body splayed everywhere.  Yes, really.

Falling.  Always.  It doesn't even phase me anymore.  I can almost complete the fall and right myself again in one fluid motion. It's become quite impressive. It's become a running joke between myself and those close to me.  "Guess what I did on Saturday!" "What? Did you fall?"

But, I have to believe that it speaks to my resiliency throughout other aspects of my life.  No matter how bleak or dangerous things may seem, I right myself again and move forward.  Every time.  Because that's what I do.

Entry #1 for Holidailies 2011.

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