Sunday, October 23, 2011

Falling into Fall

I really do love Fall.  The weather change can pretty much suck it.  But everything else - the colors, the time change, Halloween - I love.   We're in the home stretch of October and I have no complaints.  Our third annual Halloween party last weekend went off with out a hitch.  Our annual day care party is this Friday evening. And then trick or treating next week.  If nothing else, I make sure my kids get my money's worth out of their costumes.

This Fall is extra cozy for me.  This will be our third in the house with our family nicely blended together.  We now have actual traditions and things we've begun to look forward to.  That's so comforting to me.  Years ago, I was worried about never being able to make family traditions a part of my kids  life. Just three short years ago, I was worried that blending our families together was never going to work and that traditions wouldn't be welcomed.  But they are.  We are.  It is all so good.

At the beginning of last week I was able to go back to my old position with my company.  After six months of suffering silently and wasting my whole summer being upset by work - I am back and happier than ever.  No more crying in the car on the way home. No more skipping eyeliner and mascara in the morning because I was crying before me.  That job, while an amazing opportunity, was not for me.  It made me become a person I never have before.  But now - I'm back.  I'm back in my old department with my old friends and life is good. I am lucky. Very lucky.

So now, maybe my blog will get lucky.  Maybe I'll start posting again more regularly. Less time devoted to working from home and wallowing in my hatred for my job and more time blogging and being a contributing member of my family.

Just wanted this update recorded because I think it will be important to remember this shift in things.  And with that I'm off to continuing enjoying my first weekend in six months!

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  1. Yay for a better job and for blogging too! I started blogging again. I'd also decided over the weekend to give my notice for work... and now this morning I've lost my nerve. If only I could have like 10 more hours added to my day I'm pretty sure working from home wouldn't be a problem anymore. I'm going to look into that.