Monday, July 25, 2011


This summer has been amazing.  Busy, filled, hot, fun, and amazing. 

I have no complaints about the days we have spent, and I have no complaints for the days coming up.  Josh and I have been to Kentucky with no kids for a NASCAR race.  That weekend was something I desperately needed and the results of it have carried through until now.  We have been to cook-out and fireworks.  We've seen Cars 2 as a family which was more fun than a dark movie theater should be.  This weekend alone, there was grilling out, swimming, bike riding, a water balloon fight, and home made pizza - right in our own back yard!  Sometimes I feel like I'm living out of a magazine.  

The truth is, that I need to realize and remember these times.  There are times when our days are science fiction in their awfulness.  There are times when the busy-ness gets me down.  There are days when I question every decision I have ever made that has brought me to this point.  Those days are hard and dark and long.  I need to take my summer high and bottle it up.  I need to wear it in a locket around my neck.  This way, when my reality has become a snow globe that someone has shaken up and left turned on it's side, I can open my locket and step back into the summer days.  Days filled with fires and S'mores, flip flops and sunscreen.  Days of a garage freezer stocked with freezer pops that all the kids have access to.  Days that smell of sun-screen and pool when I hug my kids tight.  Days that are creating memories for all of our kids. 

I need to write in a little more detail about some of the things that have taken place for this summer.  I need to post some pictures.  I need to not be so neglectful of my blog!  But for now, I need the memories.  I need to create them and remember them.  For now . . . it's Summer. 

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