Sunday, May 1, 2011

A list.

Things I should be doing now, but am not.

- folding the clothes in the dryer and switching those in the washing machine.
- replacing the soap in the master bathroom.
- cleaning caked and dried mud off of several pairs of children's shoes.
- cleaning the kitchen.
- shopping for Mother's Day gifts.
- working on a webpage for work that I should have done by this Tuesday.
- going through last week's school folders and preparing them for next week.
- grocery shopping.
- if I do not go grocery shopping, it would be in my best interest to figure out what will suffice for a few packed school lunches tomorrow.

I could keep adding and adding to this list. But I'm sure you get the gist. It all boils down to there is so much to do and I am feeling very little motivation to do any of it. I'm enjoying some quiet time to myself right now. Josh has taken Max to his final hockey clinic of the season. Noah is upstairs getting out a much needed nap. And Jeff has taken Julie, Maddy, and Austin to parts unknown.

And, frankly, now that I've thought this through, perhaps enjoying this quiet solo time will be much more productive and satisfying than crossing any items off of my list.

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