Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yes I do have a blog.

So much going on.  So lacking the energy to do most of it.  Well, I can do what's required of me.  It's the extra stuff that I lack any extra oomph for.  Still waiting for Spring to actually spring.  Still waiting for the second wind to come and stay for longer than a gust. 

Feeling melancholy lately.  Daily grind is getting me down,  Nothing to anticipate.  Little to plan.  Nothing to celebrate.  The birthdays have marked another year.  The actual births have birthed.  The outings have been outed.  The rest has been rested.  

Easter is looming, but as no one will firm up with me whether or not I'm hosting Easter, can't do much on that front.  Work continues to be a crazy daily chunk of time with no end in sight.  So the new things on that horizon have been put on hold.  The planning and excitement have been stowed away until a much later date for that. 

The motions have more than been gone through.  There's not much left right now.  Lather, rinse, repeat. 

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