Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wrapping up.

Wrapping up a fabulous weekend with my fabulous family. 

Friday found me leaving work a half a day early - something I did not think was actually going to come to fruition.  Sarah and I then took Madeline and Liam to see that fluffy creepy Easter Bunny.  We were able to squeeze lunch in there as well.  I think it was a nice afternoon for all of us.  Noah was left out and spent the day with my mother because of a horrible automobile vomit scene that occurred on the way to school that morning.  I think I'm still recovering.  Just picture Noah, puke, me in a cape trying to clean, and Madeline trying her best to be brave, but not actually wanting to see or smell anything.  Looking back it seems quite comical.  At the time, it was a motherhood adventure I was fine with not having encountered yet. 

Saturday found me running a few last minute Easter errands, enjoying some wonderful weather (Spring!), and relaxing in the evening with some family and some great and filling breakfast for dinner to eat! Great night as well. 

The Easter Bunny did in fact visit us last night.  So there were eggs to find, and baskets to open, candy to eat, and joy to be had.  At noon preparations for the biggest Easter spread I have ever seen began.  The whole family enjoyed our meal and the day with us.  So many people, so much food, great amounts of noise, commotion and laughter.  I wouldn't want it any other way.  I am exhausted now and feeling the drain, but I am content and have a smile on my face.  Lucky am I. 

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