Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feeling human. Feeling better.

I feel so much better this morning.  Like a new person. I feel positive again.  No, the temperature hasn't spiked to 80 degrees.  And no there hasn't been any personal or professional breakthrough in which everything has been resolved or  fixed.  And my life isn't any less eventful or uneventful than last I wrote.  

I have to blame this better outlook on a couple of good nights' sleep as well as a terrific outing with Gram yesterday.  We ran to the grocery store to get some eggs for Easter egg dying.  It was in total, a 20 minute trip. But that whole 20 minutes, especially those spent inside the store, found me laughing and feeling good.  She makes me happy Gram and now I feel better. I'm very lucky to have her and I need to remember that a little more frequently than I have been lately.  Life shouldn't get in the way of Gram. 

So here it is winding down the week.  Tomorrow will, most hopefully, see us ending work at the half day mark.  After which Sarah and I will continue out six year strong Good Friday tradition of hanging out and doing something.  Only this year instead of including pedicures, shopping, and lunches with adult beverages, it's going to include my almost one month old nephew, my lovely kids, and a trip to visit the Easter Bunny.  (If there's a shorter way to write that sentence I don't know what it it.)  I'm so looking forward to it.  I'm looking forward to starting new traditions that include family that include our kids that include celebrating life. 

It's not as bleak as I make it seem sometimes.  I just need to have more patience, more positive energy, and look forward to the things that matter more often. 

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