Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Two words I am in hate with right now:

Sexting - I am fairly sure that this is not even a word.  First of all, you only hear or see it used in this conjugation. As in "sexting is running rampant in our schools."  Or "she was found mugged and left for dead after a crazy night that included sexting a stranger."  Or something equally nonsensical.  Here's the deal - show me the noun there.  Is sext a noun?  Do you say - "I went through her phone and found a lot of sexts"? Do you say "Holy crap this creepy gut sexted me"?  (I don't even know how you would actually pronounce sexted.)  No.  What you would say is I went thorough her phone and found a bunch of racy and inappropriate things.  Or, this creepy guy sent me a creepy text.  That is what you would say. No one says "I sent my boyfriend a sext this afternoon."  You'd say I sent my boyfriend a text in which I detailed everything I was going to do to him tonight.
Which brings me to my next point.  Why does "sexting" have to have such a bad connotation?  In happy healthy committed relationships, I think it's fun, exciting, and recommended.  In fact, I'm sure I've seen "send a fun, flirty text to your man " more than once in the back of a reputable publication like Cosmo or Glamour. 
Ok, so if we can strike this from the record, that would be rad. 

Voracious -  You know this word.  It means to have a great and practically insatiable want or appetite for something.  Perhaps you have heard it used to describe someone as a "voracious reader".  You have.  And do you know what? That is the ONLY way you've seen it used! In obituaries, in memorials, in magazine articles.  No one is a voracious lover of pancakes.  No one is a voracious television watcher. No one is even a voracious runner, or writer, or gardeners or teacher.  Only readers. Why?  Why is that?  Voracious is a perfectly delightful word.  I love its definition.  I love the passion it conveys.  I don't know why that word cannot be more widely used.  Watch.  Pay attention.  There are only voracious readers in this world.  No other hobby has this level of intensity attached to it.  Pay attention, you'll see 

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