Thursday, March 10, 2011

Over It.

I'm more than certain that Spring could start spring around here.  It's much needed by everyone.  The grey, the wind, the rain.  Over it.  Those types of weather conditions are great for a late Saturday afternoon when you're just going to be snuggled in your home with some blankets, a movie, or some books, or TV.  But that weather is horrible and kills any motivation for me when it happens on a weekday.   The kids area antsy, I"m sluggish and sleepy.  I go to work, pour more heart out there and then have nothing much to offer in the evenings after dinner is made, homework is done, and kids are cleaned and tucked into bed.  I blame the weather.  If I could see a little sunshine perhaps I'd be motivated to throw in another load of laundry, or vacuum that dining room. But for now, I'm just sleepy and tired.  Maybe the time change this weekend will help.  Maybe the universe doesn't waste sunshine on the shorter days.  once the longer days are with us, perhaps there will be sun. 

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