Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Midweek Activities.

Tonight we're celebrating Sarah's birthday at my mom's.  Ernie and the kids and I will be there.  Should be a nice night.  I need it to be an early night though.  At the end of Tuesday, I had already worked 20 hours.  Fun in a mentally challenging kind of way, but I"m tired.  I was in bed before 9:00  last night.

So that's today.  Friday my best girl Jane and I are having a wonderful little night.  There will be cooking and relaxing and spirits and the viewing of a certain movie with Justin Timberlake in it.  It is just the type of night that the doctor ordered.  We so desperately need to hang out and be silly and be comfy and watch movies our men won't watch.  I'm counting down the minutes at this point.  Saturday I need to run an errand without Noah, so before dance I will run him to my mother's, drop Madeline at dance and proceed to my kidless errand.  Saturday night Eric and his girlfriend are coming over for steaks on the grill, drinks, and same games that we can all  play.

I realize that by sharing my weekend plans I have now made myself seem like I'm trying to relive being 19 or 21.  But I'm not - I just really am looking forward to the fun and relaxing that will take place this weekend. Friends, good food, great movies and quality time.  That's what life's about for me.   At least this weekend.

There will be new recipes in my repertoire in the coming days as well.  If they work out, I will be sharing them here.  I am super excited about some of them.  Oh!  And thanks to a recent episode of Modern Family I will be serving a wedge salad on Saturday.  Probably sans the bleu cheese, but seriously, why have I never heard of or though of this before?  It seems to me to be the perfect way to eat a salad! I'm very much looking forward to it.

Having things to look forward to is what makes it worth it.

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