Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is puberty cyclical?

I feel like I'm going through all the angst, hormones, and weepiness of being a teenager again.  I don't understand what's happening.

I am no longer happy with my body. It's is foreign and wrong to me.  I am thinking agnsty thoughts about how misunderstood I am every five minutes it seems.  When I'm done feeling misunderstood, all I want to do is sleep.  Not read, not watch TV.  Sleep for hours on end like a cocooning teenager.  I'm breaking out in places that I should not be breaking out in.  I'm growing hair in places that I should not be. 

What is going on?  Is my body trying to tell me something?  Does every woman go through this?  At this age??

Maybe Spring will help.  Maybe the birth of my nephew within the next 24 hours will help.  Maybe looking forward to a fun night out with Josh on Friday will help.  Maybe looking forward to a fun night out with Gram next week will help. It seems that those are the types of things that would make people happy.  I have happiness in my life.  I have laughter and love in my loud crazy life. I'm just having trouble embracing it right now.  It seems if given the choice - which I'm not - I'd rather go embrace my pillow.  

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  1. You're allowed to feel like this sometimes. Don't feel bad about it. Go put on some Richard Marx and let your pillow engulf your face for a while. :)