Saturday, March 5, 2011


A post of hodge and podge.

The keyboard on which I do 90% of my typing, at work, is ergonomically correct.  The keyboard I use at home, decidedly not. I would like to say that this might be the reason for more typos.  But, it's probably not. 

I was going to to try to unify things here with one word only titles.  But I don't think that's going to continue to happen.  What if I want to title a post "Noah Has a Very Big Head."?  Because he does.  And someday I may want to devote an entire post to him and his head.  

Poor Noah.  Yesterday the school called work near the end of the day to inform me that he had been kicked in the face by someone on the swings.  He seems fine and did not present any symptoms of head injury or loose teeth.  I think what upset me most about the call was the condescending tone in which the school nurse delivered this information to me.  "so what that tells me is that he was walking too closely to the swingers."  Thank you school nurse.  No kidding.  oh, and you're right:  I have never taught my children to not walk in front of people on swings.  Thank you for this life lesson.  I was very upset with her when I hung up the phone.  But, of course I didn't say anything.  That's not how I roll.  Ugh.

Shortly after that it was time to pick up the kids from day car.  I was not two steps inside when I hear Jennifer! Jen! Jennifer! from the office.  Great.  I turn around on my heel and they have an incident report for me to sign, because on the bus (van) from school to daycare, Noah and Madeline were rough housing and Noah ended up punching her in the nose which ultimately led to a full on bloody nose.  Apparently this traumatized Maddie quite a bit!  There was much wailing and flailing and moaning and drama.  It was comical to hear them recount the story - but seriously, can we get a break this week?  Noah, strep on Monday. (along with much flooding in the area) Madeline strep on Thursday along with Marie recovering from her dental surgery.  Noah kicked in the face on Friday and Madeline's first "gushing" nose bleed.  

I have some kind of mystery mouth pain that I'm dealing with today.  It is becoming a little bit more than a little painful.  Not sure if this is something that I should wait out, or if it's something I should be tending to.  Though it's hard to tend to these types of issues on a Saturday. 

Watch day today for Madeline.  Which reminds me that I need to make sure there are fresh batteries in my camera.  I need to get some pictures of my little tapper, ballet-er, hip-hopper.  She's so excited.  You'd think this was actually recital! I'm so proud of her.  I really hope this is something that she stays with for many years to come.  

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  1. I am quite certain the topic of nose bleeds (or lack thereof) was something regularly discussed during High School Chemistry, although I cannot recall why. I am happy to hear that the lack of nose bleeds is not hereditary. And may I just say that I'm truly enjoying this blog! Blog on, dear friend!