Thursday, March 17, 2011

Grocery store banter.

This past Sunday, Josh and I were able to take our first ever trip to Target sans children.  You would think that that wasn't thrilling.  You would be wrong.  I can generally whip up a pretty good time in that store, but Sunday was a blast.  Did I spend way more money than I had planned?  Yes.  Did I purchase unnecessary things?  Of course.  But it was quality time spent with Josh that we just don't get so it was completely worth it. 

Josh:  Do we need cereal?
Me:    No. I think we're goo there. 
Josh:  We need grown up cereal I think. 
Me:    OK.  (turns down aisle.) What kind of grown up cereal would you like? 
Josh:   Cinnamon Toast Crunch!! 

Yes, seriously.  And yes I laughed so hard after this exchange people were looking. 
I shouldn't be looking so forward to the next time we can shop together - but I am. 

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