Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Every Wednesday the kids and I eat dinner at my mothers.  My favorite part of the evening can sometimes go hand in hand with the most trying part of my evening: the two hours or so before my mother gets home when it's just Gram, the kids and I.

Tonight was the latter.  Tonight was a favorite.  I came to Gram's house armed and ready with everything that I knew she would want to talk about.  The Oscars, the weather, celebrities making bad decisions, her great grand children.  We were on.  We talked and talked.  She's 80 years old and lives for the daily talk shows.  Between her repeated interview watching and my crazy internet reading, we were able to fill in the gaps and the questions that each other had.  It was a great fast paced conversation.  I think we both enjoyed our time together this evening very much.

These are the nights when I know we've connected and I've made her smile and she's enjoyed spending time with us.  These are the nights I leave happy and not feeling guilty.

Tonight was a good night for Gram.

I actually sat down to write a much more put together and well thought out post, but due to a series of interruptions we'll just leave it with this.

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