Sunday, February 27, 2011


This is Sunday, a day that is traditionally hard for me to get through.  It's getting better now.  So, so, so much better.  But the weeping and self loathing and bad decisions that have been made by me on a Sunday have made it a day that has been intolerable for me in the past.   But this particular day should actually be a good Sunday.  The girl (I haven't decided if I'm going to use names in this blog, though I will probably have to because there are too many stinkin' kinds here.) has an invitation to her friend's house for which she is beyond excited. There is hockey.  There should be some grocery shopping.  There will also be the Oscars. I'm relatively excited for those in that I actually saw on of the movies that's up for best picture.  So yay for 5 hours of TV that I will fast forward into 2 hours.

Watched  Due Date last night.  Not as funny as we were hoping, but still a great movie with some big laughs.  And and two hour stretch where we're huddled on the couch in the semi-darkness laughing together is a successful two hours to me.  Sometimes all I need is nearness and laughs for some rejuvenation.

I saw a meme on several blogs that I read a month or so back.  I now have a blog so I can do it!  I thought it was pretty awesome.  So, look for that in the near future. You'll probably love it. I am now finding myself writing blog posts in my head for later, and that is beyond exciting for me.  Apparently I do have a lot of fodder rattling around up here. It's exciting!

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