Saturday, February 26, 2011


I was resistant to a blog for a very long time. I had scads of excuses. Typos being one. Another was that I was under the firm impression that a blog had to include pictures. Ironic pictures of what I had done that day, catalogue worthy shots of my model like children, witty scenes that would be explained in my bard like writing style. Um, yeah. No. My children will never be models, I sometimes lack a sense of irony, oh yeah and at the time all of this was going through my head, I didn't even own a camera that that could actually upload pictures to anywhere.

So some time went by and then I realized that I can have a blog just for me. As a record for my kids someday. As an outlet for me that I sometimes so desperately need. Here doesn,t have to be tins of pictures with every post. There doesn't even have to be anything profound written with each post. This is for me. As mundane as it may sometimes be, I think it is going to be healthy as well.

I will point a select few in the direction of this little corner of the web that I am going to call mine, because let's face it -- Mama does love and audience. And if others stumble upon it themselves that's okay too. But for right now, I think the less the merrier because I need to be strictly me for a little while. That's going to feel so good!

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